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Failure is a word unknown to me

Have you ever thought what makes us different from all the other creations of God? What makes us more beautiful and more perfect? Our ability to use brain. Among all the living creations of God, mankind has been called superior because of the fact that

Beauty lies inside Character

Beauty is not just restricted to exterior appearance but it encompasses the inner self of a person’s character. It is not that to look beautiful you need to see the apparent face or structure of physical appearance. Actual beauty lies within a perso

Art is an Expression of Truth

Art is an expression which has its own unique language. Each art has its own language and it communicates its meaning. By looking at the finest piece of art it can be felt that it is trying to speak to you. It can be sensed that a work of art is trying to

Anger and its consequences

Anger is an intense negative emotion and when you are under its grip then you should pause for a while. Do not act immediately under the spur of anger rather when the anger is heightening you should revise your thinking.